Developer: Capcom/Digital Eclipse
System: PS2, XBox
Year released: 2005

Capcom and Digital Eclipse teamed up in 2005 to bring PS2 and XBox gamers one of the best classic compilations to hit next-gen consoles since the original Namco Museum discs for PS1, Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1. Basically all this disc contains are the five Capcom Generation discs that were released for the PlayStation in Japan and Europe back in 1998. As most visitors to TGR know, Capcom Generation Volume 2 was the G'NG volume. Everything that was contained on those five discs, including the artwork and remixed music, made it onto CCCv1. Capcom was also nice enough to include several other games that had been left out of the original Generation release.

The games look and play exactly the same as they did on the Capcom Generation discs, so I'll refer you to the Volume 2 page for more info there. So if you've been wanting to play the arcade G'NG games but didn't want to emulate, import or buy the original arcade cabs, you can now do so for the low price of $20 (as of March 2007). The disc is worth it for the three G'NG games alone, but the other 19 games are also classics and well worth owning.

And on a side note, Capcom and Digital Eclipse released Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 on the PS2 and XBox in November 2006. While it contains no G'NG games, it's also worth getting. Just like the first, it retails for $20 (as of March 2007) and contains 22 more classic Capcom arcade hits, including (among others) Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Magic Sword, Black Tiger (which is mentioned here in the Trivia section) and Strider.

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