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10/31/07 - No one get your hopes up. This isn't a revival. I just wanted to link to the new G'NG series article on Hardcore Gaming 101. I was going to write this article myself but ended up bowing out due to life, so ZZZ, David DeRienzo, Munchy and Kurt Kalata took over. You'll find a fair amount of info in that article that you won't find here. It's a good read, so head on over there now!

- Rob

3/8/07 - Hard to believe it's actually been almost three years since the last real update The Ghoul Realm's had, isn't it? Aside from one update I made last year while the site was still on Geocities, I've done nothing with the site. And that update was just a note saying stop emailing me about the site because I don't run it any more - for which, of course, at least one schmuck decided to blast me about because it wasn't a "real" update.

Here's the thing: I don't run The Ghoul Realm anymore. At the moment, nobody does. I had given it to CheapAlert, but his plans for keeping it up fell through. The site even vanished from the net completely for the better part of a year or so. But now it's back, here on my West Mansion account on Classic Gaming. The catch is that it's just an archive from now on, unless something really special happens to cause me to come back and open it back up.

However, what with all of the G'NG related things that have been happening the past few years, I couldn't just go off and leave the site as an archive circa 2004, now could I? No, I had to add stuff. I've made a few changes all around the site, added pages for Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1, Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded, the unfortunately cancelled Maximo 3 and of course, Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins. I've also added some new artwork, brought the Emulation section back, added a 15 second TV ad to the Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts page, and more.

So with that, I'm out. You can still reach me here or over on the forum (the best place to catch me, incidentally). Later.

- Rob

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