Most of the characters from Demon's Crest are here, but the ones that aren't can be found here at this site . Sprites on this page are courtesy of Sara Jones.

- Firebrand, the hero (?) of the game. Previously, he starred in both Gargoyle's Quest and Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness.

- General Arma is Firebrand's archnemesis throughout the game. They battle three times.

- These phantoms haunt the first area Firebrand goes to after he defeats Somulo.

- These floating suits of armor can only be destroyed by hitting them from behind.

- These things drop out of iron maidens, then crawl towards Firebrand.

- These ghosts enjoy snacking on candle flames. They will plunge one area into darkness, forcing Firebrand to constantly relight the candles.

- These are some of the most common enemies in the realm. On hit destroys them.

- These fishmen will cause trouble to anyone flying too close to the water. The Tidal Gargoyle can obliterate them easily.

- These platforms must be used for traveling in certain ares before obtaining the Crest of Air.

- These flaming skulls start off small, but extend to three times their height. They shoot flames at Firebrand.

- These pterosaurs will constantly fly overhead in some areas, dropping lethal turds on Firebrand.

- These skull-headed fish are fairly easy for the Tidal Gargoyle to defeat.

- These sea leeches spit out tiny leeches. Avoid or destroy them.

- These annoying creatures shoot crossbow bolts at Firebrand.

- Somulo, the Demon Dragon is the first foe Firebrand battles. He must be defeated so that Firebrand can escape the Colosseum.

- The Hippogriff is one of the more common bosses. Firebrand encounters them in numerous places throughout the realm.

- Ovnunu, the boss of the catacombs. Destroy the little eyes first, then destroy the center eye.

- Belth, the skeletal boss of the graveyard. Avoid his sword at all costs!

- Scula, the boss of Aquifer. Destroy the half that gets tossed first, then destroy the rolling part.

- Flame Lord, boss of the forest. Avoid his flamebats and fireballs.

- Flier, the boss of the Towers. Watch out for his scythe-like arms.

- Crawler, boss of the Ruins. Hit him when his eye is open, but avoid his fists and the creatures he tosses.

- Holothurian, boss of the Lake. Blast him in the head, but try not not to get sucked into him.

- Grewon, boss of the Mountains. When he turns green, watch out - he's invincible!

- Phalanx's first form. He's fairly easy to defeat.

- Phalanx's second form. He's a bit tougher than the first, but still easily beatable.

- Phalanx's third and final form. He's TOUGH!

- THE DARK DEMON! The ultimate boss of the game!