- Arthur, the hero of the G'NG series. He's pictured here with and without his armor.

- The magician turns you into a frog if he hits you with his spell. He can be summoned by hitting a tombstone with a weapon.

- The Red Destroyer, which is the most popular G'NG enemy. He's a bitch to try and kill.

- The most common enemy in the game. One shot from any weapon kills them.

- Another fairly common enemy. One hit kills it.

- The crow flies straight ahead and has a tendency to come out at any time. One hit kills it.

- These knights fly in a wavelike pattern, and can only be destroyed by hitting them from behind.

- These ghosts throw onion spears at you. One hit kills them.

- These guys just hover, and occaisonally swoop down on Arthur. One hit kills them.

- These guys fly out of windows in Stage 2 and charge at Arthur. Avoid them, then hit them once to obliterate them.

- The Big Men are some of the hardest things to kill in Ghosts 'N Goblins. There's a lot of them, it takes several hits to kill them, and they like to charge Arthur. Kill them quickly - or die.

- These bats are annoying pests. One hit will kill them.

- These guys first appear as skulls lying in the road, then rise up and start jumping around. Kill them quickly!

- Several hits will kill the Tower Monster. They don't move, but they fire projectiles at Arthur.

- The boss of Stage 1 and 2. Several hits to the head will kill him.

- The boss of stage three and four. The Dragon moves quickly. Try to hit him in the head several times to defeat him.

- Satan was the one that kidnapped the Princess at the start of the game. He guards the entrance to Lucifer's chamber. Several hits will kill him.

- Lucifer... the final boss! He's got the Princess, and he can only be killed with the cross. Kill him and the game is over.

*all images on this page courtesy of Rene L. Gonzalez Berrios and The Ghosts 'N Goblins Series Online*