- Arthur's back again. He has a new set of gold magic armor in this game.

- The Magician will turn you into a duck (while you're wearing armor) or an old man (if you're not wearing armor) if he hits you with his spell. He hides in treasure chests, so be careful.

- The Princess has been captured by Loki! Arthur must rescue her.

- The goddess of war, Valkyr. She gives Arthur the Psycho Cannon.

- The Red Destroyer is back, and nastier than ever.

- These guys replace the zombies from the original game, and will slash at Arthur with their scythes if you get too close to them. One hit kills them.

- These flowers spit three skulls at once at Arthur. Two hits kill them, but the skulls are indestructible.

- These vultures wait in the trees for Arthur. On his approach, they swoop down and dive at him. One or two hits kill them.

- These things hide in tornados. Every so often they'll come out - and that's when you nail them. One hit kills them.

- These mutant tree roots try to kill Arthur. Several hits destroy them.

- These guys replace the Big Men from Ghosts 'N Goblins, but are a lot easier to kill. Watch out - they'll puke on you if you're standing underneath them.

- These turtles inhabit the Village of Decay. They can only be killed when they come out of their shells.

- These antlions lie in wait for unsuspecting prey. Don't get caught in their sand trap inside the big windmill. They're indestructible too, so don't try to fight them - just run!

- These insects are slow moving pests. One hit destroys them.

- These plants are survivors from Ghosts 'N Goblins. Hit them once to kill them, but watch out for the eyeballs they spit at you

- These firebats form from columsn of lava and then fly right at Arthur. One hit kills them.

- These are mud piles that Loki brought to life. They will crawl after Arthur if they get on level ground. Several hits kill them.

- These goblins fly around, trying to drop rocks on Arthur. One hit will kill them.

- These guys just hover there and can be destroyed very easily. Problem is, there's a lot of them, and they get in your way as you're trying to escape Baron Rankle's Tower. Kill them quickly!

- The Tower Monster returns from Ghosts 'N Goblins. Several hits destroy it.

- These things pop out of the walls in the Crystal Caves. Try to hit them in the head to kill them.

- These hands shoot projectiles at Arthur. One hit kills them.

- These worms pop out of the Ice Slopes. Don't slide into them!

- These things line the walls leading to the fourth boss. Hit them in the head to destroy them.

- These dragon skeletons inhabit Loki's tower. Several hits kill them.

- The first boss. He starts as a statue, then comes to life, removes his own head, and then uses it to shoot fireballs at Arthur. The arm and head show up again numerous times in Loki's tower.

- The second boss. The fire dog forms from a column of flame, then jumps around, causing fireballs to rain from the ceiling onto Arthur.

- The third boss. The Mistral Winds swirl around Arthur, then charge at him. Their only vulnerable point is the eye. Smaller ones show up in Loki's tower.

- The fourth boss. You have to destroy the five hearts of the dead fish while running along his decaying corpse, avoiding maggots and worms that come out of him.

- A sub-boss in Loki's tower. Destroy him by hitting him in the head numerous times.

- The fifth boss. Destroy this mutant wasp when its fully formed, but watch out when it changes to millions of little wasps and charges Arthur.

- Loki! The final boss of the game, he can only be destroyed by hitting him in the head. Stand underneath him and fire straight up - but watch out for the lasers he fires at you and his feet.

*all images on this page courtesy of Rene L. Gonzalez Berrios and The Ghosts 'N Goblins Series Online*