Developer: Capcom
Systems: Super NES, GameBoy Advance
Years released: 1991, 2002

The story (from the U.S. SNES instruction manual):


All hail, dauntless knight Arthur! Years ago you quelled the terrifying phantoms of the Ghoul Realm who hexed the earth, and rescued Princess Guinevere. Since that time you've journeyed far over the world seeking the powerful weapons of White Magic.

But now the kingdom is shrouded under an eerie spell. Sardius, the Emperor of Evil, has snatched Princess Guinevere away to the slimy crypts of the Phantom Zone. The Ghoul Realm has revived, and the Creatures of the Undead haunt the land.

Once again, you must survive the dangerous journey into the depths of the Ghoul Realm. You'll swat at horrid ectoplasms and ghouls whose touch is deadly. Vampires will swirl around your head. Voracious plants will snap at you, hungry for bones to gnaw. The earth will crack, the seas will swell, and the fiends of darkness will engulf you.

Your courage and skill will keep you moving through overwhelming terrors. And on the path, a mighty weapon - Magic - awaits!

Buckle on your sword, Arthur. It's time to begin your quest!

* * *

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Game Boy Advance (Arrange mode):

From Juan Carlos - two pics from the prototype version of Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (different from the EGM piece on the bottom of this page)

Items and weapons:


As you dash through lands thick with doom, you must destroy or avoid all the demented creatures that bar your way. Many vanquished ghouls will drop pots. Treasure chests will sprout from the sodden earth or gleam from hidden places. You'll stumble over sacks of gold, or find them stashed in thorn bushes, ghostly rigging and rocky crevices.

  • Pots - These can hold extra lives (1 UPs), bonuses, or weapons.

  • Treasure Chests - Shatter these locked boxes with your weapon, but be wary! Within them you may find armor, weapons, traps, or the Conjurer. Armor and weapons will help you survive, but traps can take one of your lives. If the Conjurer emerges, he'll cast a hex that can turn Arthur into a powerless babe for a short time. (what you change into depends on what kind of armor you're wearing. If you have no armor, he'll change you into a baby. Steel [or silver] armor, a seal. Bronze [or green] armor, a hornet. Golden armor, a little girl)

  • Sacks of Gold - Snatch these up to gain extra points.


    Find suits of mail by breaking open treasure chests. Run over the armor to put it on. With the Golden Armor you can also use the Moon and Sun Shields.

  • Steel Armor - Arthur begins the game wearing Steel Armor, which protects him from one hit.

  • Bronze Armor - This armor protects Arthur from one hits and gives him the power to use the Weapons of Enchantment.

  • Golden Armor - This is the most powerful of Arthur's armor. It protects him from one hit, allows him to use enchanted weapons, and empowers him to invoke Magic!

  • Moon Shield - This shield is supplied with the Golden Armor, and can block one ghoulish shot. The shot will disintegrate the shield, but Arthur will be safe.

  • Sun Shield - This glowing shield blocks three shots, and lets Arthur summon Magic in a flash.


    Arthur can find a number of fearsome weapons to help him survive. Run over a weapon to pick it up. When you gain a new weapon, you'll lose the old one.

    WEAPONS OF KNIGHTLY POWER - These weapons are always available.

  • Lance - Arthur's first weapon flies straight ahead when hurled.

  • Dagger - You throw three of these small weapons at once.

  • Crossbow - Launch two small arrows at once with this weapon.

  • Scythe - You can hurl this curved blade downward while standing on stone pillars.

  • Torch - This secret concoction turns the ground to flames, burning everything it touches. You can only use two at a time.

  • Axe - A small but deadly double bladed weapon.

  • Tri-Blade - Once thrown, this weapon will slice through all it touches and then return to its owner.

    WEAPONS OF ENCHANTMENT - These weapons will appear when Arthur is wearing the Bronze or Golden Armor.

  • Flaming Lance - A more powerful lance that flies straight ahead, leaving a trail of flames.

  • Magic Dagger - These enchanted dirks leave a trail of magical light. You can throw three at once.

  • Magic Crossbow - This charmed armament fires three magical arrows at once, that seek and find their own targets.

  • Magic Scythe - This enchanted weapon is more powerful than its non-magical counterpart.

  • Magic Torch - Smash this on the ground to shoot a tower of flame into the air. You can only use two at a time.

  • Hefty Axe - An even more lethal version of the smaller Axe.

  • Shuriken - An incredibly fast blade. Like the Tri-Blade, it dices through all obstacles before returning to Arthur.

  • Goddess Bracelet - Just like in Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Arthur must go back through the game again before he can fight Sardius - this time to find the Goddess Bracelet. Once Arthur is equipped with the Golden Armor and the Sun Shield, the next chest he cracks open will have a faerie inside that changes into the Bracelet. If you pick up another weapon, though, you will have to find the faerie again before you can finish the game.

    MAGIC! - You can use Magic while wearing the Golden Armor.

  • Thunder Magic - Use your Flaming Lance to call forth lightning bolts that pierce the air in three directions. These bolts can pass through solid objects to destroy any enemy in thir path

  • Fire Dragon Magic - With your Magic Dagger, summon a fire dragon to annihilate all creatures as it moves across the land.

  • Seek Magic - Summon this spell with your Magic Crossbow to unearth all hidden treasures chests in your area.

  • Tornado Magic - Your Magic Scythe generates twin tornadoes that twist and whirl, destroying all enemies caught in their path.

  • Shield Magic - Use the Magic Torch to surround Arthur with three glowing orbs that protect him as he travels.

  • Lightning Magic - Flail the Hefty Axe to fire a deadly burst of electricity in all directions.

  • Nuclear Magic - Your Shuriken summons an immense explosion that disintegrates all enemies.




    The Haunted Graveyard - From this forgotten cemetery, zombies arise to attack the living. Only the brave of heart will survive a journey through this cursed land.

    The Forest Of Fear - Inside this dark tangle of branches lies the ruins of an ancient castle. Within its walls grows an unearthly plant that feeds on whomever or whatever passes through its domain.


    The Graveyard Of Ships - Long ago, this thriving harbor was home to hundreds of sea-faring men. But now the entire port is laid to waste, and only the ghouls remain.

    The Sea Of Despair - Between the human realm and the Phantom Zone lies the Sea of Despair. Its storm-tossed seas have caused the ehartiest of adventurers to go insane.


    Crucible of Flame - Deep within the earth, the flame of evil brightly burns. Its glow forebodes despair and darkness to all who venture here.

    Towers of Molten Steel - The sight of these twin towers strikes terror into the hearts of men. Within these walls, the ghouls of the Phantom Zone practice their darkest evils.


    To enter the frozen lands of the Emperor of Evil, you must first pass through the vile Ghoul's Stomach.


    Ice Forest - The blizzards constantly blow in this frozen world of ice and snow. Many have tried to conquer this land; none have yet returned.

    Ice Wall - A wall of sheer ice surrounds the palace of the Emperor of Evil. All attempts to scale the ice have met with doom.


    The entrance to the castle holds many traps. Pay close attention or disaster will strike quickly.


    A few hundred yards ahead lies the throne room of the Emperor. Only a gauntlet of ghouls stands in your way.


    Inside, Sardius awaits! Only the power of Guinevere's enchanted bracelet can destroy the Emperor of Evil.

    Tips and codes:

    Level Select and Sound Test (SNES version):

    In the Options screen, go to Exit, then hold L, R and Start on Controller 2 and press Start on Controller 1. A new menu will appear where you can choose your starting level or play any of the game's music and sound effects.

    Ending screens:

    Ending pics courtesy of Rey of the Video Game Museum

    Additional media:

    U.S. front cover
    U.S. back cover
    U.S. cart
    Japanese cover
    Japanese cart
    Japanese box, cart and manual
    U.S. GBA front cover
    A Japanese ad for the GBA game
    GBA cover artwork (absolutely gorgeous!)
    Screenshots from "Ghouls And Ghosts 3" (from EGM, circa 1990)
    15 second Chohmakaimura TV ad

    *all info from the SNES instruction manual is 1991 Capcom*