- Arthur's back again - this time with yet another coat of armor between the regular armor and the magic armor.

- The magician will turn Arthur into a baby (no armor), a seal (regular armor - not pictured), a bee (green armor) or a little girl (gold armor) if he hits you with his spell. He hides in treasure chests, so be careful.

- The Princess has been captured - again.

- The goddess will give Arthur the Goddess Bracelet.

- Yep, the Red Destroyer is back yet again. This time he's even harder to destroy (if you can believe such a thing is possible) - unless you have the magic crossbow.

- Satan only appears during the opening to kidnap the Princess. He's never seen again after that.

- The zombies from Ghosts 'N Goblins are back. This time they rise out of the ground in their coffins. As usual, one hit kills them.

- The wolves are speedy creatures that charge at Arthur. Two or three hits kill them.

- These guys appear as harmless skulls, until they are surrounded by flame and rise from the ground. Two hits to the skull kill them.

- These clams replace the plants from the first two games. One hit kills them - but watch out for the tidal waves that try to sweep you away and the eyes they spit at you!

- These globs float in the air, then explode, scattering pieces of themselves everywhere. Destroy them quickly.

- The ghosts form out of wisps, and can be killed by one hit.

- Don't let those treasure chests fool you - these particular ones hold Mimics. They can only be killed when they leave the safety of their chests.

- The sea dragon comes up from the depths and fires projectiles at Arthur. Several hits kills him.

- The spiked fish flies out of the water and dives at Arthur. One hit kills it.

- These plants are attached to the reefs that are scattered throughout the ocean. Several hits kill them.

- These bear-like creatures inhabit the underground and the frozen wastes. Several hits kill them.

- Another veteran from Ghosts 'N Goblins. They hover, then dive at Arthur. One hit kills them.

- These bats fly at Arthur while he's climbing the towers. One hit destroys it.

- Arthur encounters these stone gargoyles while climbing the towers. Several hits kill them.

- These guys jump out of the towers at Arthur, and charge at him. Kill them or avoid them.

- These ghouls come out of nowhere, it seems, and inhabit both the Ghoul's Stomach and Sardius' palace. Several hits destroy them.

- This ice structure erupts from the ground and bars Arthur's path. Hit them several times to move on.

- They act just like the flaming skulls. Several hits to the flower itself put them down.

- A variation of the flying knight from stage one of Ghosts 'N Goblins, these knights move in a wavelike pattern and can only be hit from behind.

- The first boss. The Cockatrice spits out eggs that hatch baby cockatrices, It's only weak point is the head. Watch out, as their heads and neck return in Sardius' palace.

- The second boss. Avoid the shells it fires at Arthur and hit it in the face to destroy it.

- The third boss. The centipede surrounds Arthur, and can only be destroyed by hitting it in the head. Avoid the projectiles it shoots at Arthur.

- The fourth boss. Destroy each head in turn, but avoid it when it separates into three small demons.

- The fifth boss. It shoots projectiles that freeze Arthur, as well as throwing its claws at you. Hit him repeatedly in the head to move on.

- Lucifer's back again - this time as a sub-boss in Sardius' palace. As usual, hit him in the head to destroy him.

- What's this? A second version of Lucifer! Avoid the lasers he shoots at Arthur and hit him in the head to destroy him.

- Sardius! The final boss of the game. Use the platforms he creates to get to his head and fire at it, but avoid the lasers he shoots out at Arthur. Defeat him and the game is over!

*all images on this page courtesy of Rene L. Gonzalez Berrios and The Ghosts 'N Goblins Series Online*