Developer: Capcom
System: GameBoy
Year released: 1990

The story (from the U.S. instructions):

Ages ago the friendly Ghoul Realm was invaded by an alien force known only as the Destroyers. The Destroyers almost succeeded in capturing the Ghoul Realm when an incredible fire came out of the sky and eliminated them. The secret of that powerful fire was lost through the ages, and the Destroyers are back for a rematch.

The only clue to the survival of the Ghoul Realm lies in the hint that the sole heir to the "Red Gargoyle" can bring back the magic flame. As Firebrand, guardian Gargoyle of the Realm, you must discover this heir to the magic flame and bring peace to the kingdom once again.

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Tips and codes:

Beat the final boss in seconds:

The end boss of this game looks very intimidating but is in fact the easiest of them all. Switch to your most powerful weapon and fly up above his head (it is difficult to hit him from the side because he blocks with his arms). Drop down between his raised arms and head and prepare to shoot his face. The second you are in position, hit B as many times as to can. If you get hit, dont let up. Keep firing (you will be invincible for a few seconds). He will be dead before you know it.


Stage Passwords:

Stage 2 - MUPP-JMHW
Stage 3 - GJ7Q-KLVO
Stage 4 - SWXE-CBFJ
Stage 5 - BIF8-BRAZ
Stage 6 - FWGG-57CY
Stage 7 - HWTL-90AZ
Stage 8 - N5AQ-9RZF

Ultimate password:

If you input FFFF-FFFF as a password, you will start out in the first village totally stocked with items, and most attribute levels will be 2s and 3s.

Here's some info on the changes between the Japanese and U.S. versions of the game from John-Paul Palacio:

"Here are some nifty differences I noticed from the Japanese version besides the text, and that Firebrand is just called Red Arremer:

-When you pick items up from the town, or in the area (e.g. the soulstream, 1- ups, and Vials), the jar icon that represets them is still there (It disappears in the US version when you pick them up).

-You get an extra life if you beat Rushifell (aka Lucifer in Japan, or Loki from Ghouls), and the stage where you have to get the Stick for the Baron that looks like the final boss from GnG.

-The English text used in the game is much different from the text they used in the US. You see it when the word "Ready" flashes, you pause to see how many vials you have to buy 1-ups in town, and when Red Arremer shoots his Dark Fire in the ending (Ironically, every bosses name is in Japanese though).

-The Vials you collect to buy more lives are called Souls when you pause the game to see how many you have.

-I think I noticed two more differences. The first one deals with the desert area where you have to get that Dark candle (where you have to take some weird route to enter the stage). I think the path in the Japanese version is different from the US versions path, but it's been a while since I played it. Unfortunately, I don't know how to take screenshots from a GBA now so I will have to figure something out (I guess it's ironic since I knew how to do it for GnG).

-The second different deals with the monsters you fight. I think you fight some of the tougher ones before you hit the bridge that requires the "Falcon Wings" (e.g. the Demons who ride those Chariots, or even the first Boss itself again since I think you usually fight them when looking for Rushifell/Lucifer)."

Ending screens:

Ending pics courtesy of Rey of the Video Game Museum

Additional media:

U.S. Cover
U.S. back cover
U.S. magazine ad (large)
U.S. magazine ad (small)

*all info from the instruction manual is 1990 Capcom*