Developer: Capcom
System: NES, Game Boy
Year released: 1992, 1993

The story (from the U.S. instruction manual):

Demon - warrior - hero!

A long time ago, between the age of the dinosaurs and the dawn of mankind, there existed the magical world of Etruria. A local monster named Firebrand from the Ghoul Realm was busy training in the arts of the warrior. He is a young and powerful gargoyle - human in shape, yet he has leathery wings with massive claws on his hands and feet.

He studies at the Warrior's Training Center to use his combat talents in defense of the Ghoul Realm. His time comes (sooner than he expected), as a mysterious black light appeared one day and drained the magic from the land.

* * *

Thanks to Knuckle, I finally have pictures of the elusive Gargoyle's Quest II, entitled Makaimura Gaiden, for GameBoy! Check out the pics below. According to Knuckle, it was a Japanese-only release, it's identical to the NES version and it came out sometime in 1993.


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Nintendo Entertainment System:


Weapons and items:

Nail Items:

  • Spectre's Fingernail - Jump goes to Level 2. Upon returning to King Morock after passing the training center, in Etruria.

    Wing Items:

  • Wings of a Fallen Angel - Wing Goes to Level 2. It's obtained from the Hectate after the animation scene at her hut.

    Armor Items:

  • Dragon's Armor - Life goes to Level 3 When you agree to go across the river of flame, after meeting King Barr for the first time.

    Magic Items:

  • Fireball (Fire) - The basic weapon you start with it.
  • Blockbuster (Buster) - Destroys certain blocks that are in your way. You get this after passing the forest level (Hinom) and killing the boss.
  • Tornado - Allows you to climb higher (a la Item 1, Mega Man 2) You get this after passing the desert castle (Sittem) and killing the boss.
  • Claw - Sticks to spikes, allowing you to cling to them.
  • Darkfire - The most powerful attack.


  • Vials - Used to purchase items. They're scattered across the Ghoul Realm.
  • Maelstrom - Grants you an extra life. Purchase it from nearly any town with vials.
  • Essence of the Soulstream - Regain all lost stamina. Created by mixing the Achelon's Water and the Dragon's Scales. (See Other Items).

    Other items:

  • Arkob's Pot - Needed to receive the Spectre's Fingernail. You get it in the Warriors' Training Center in Etruria.
  • Night Drop - Needed to make the Candle of Darkness. You get it after passing Hinom.
  • Candle of Darkness - Used to give a bit of story to you. Made for you from the Night Drop by the Hectate.
  • Gremlin Stick - When you use it on Barr, he lets you jump higher. You get it after passing Sittem.

    Tips and codes:


    00400041-6021002 - Gibea
    40404061-7152017 - Sittem Desert
    40504061-7202117 - Save King Barr
    51615153-8303428 - Cursed King's Palace
    51645273-8334428 - Saved King's Palace
    55645604-8344438 - Search for Soulstream
    69796955-9465549 - Lethe's Castle
    69797945-9505559 - Approaching the King of Destruction

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    *all info from the instruction manual is 1992 Capcom*