Developer: Capcom/Studio 8
System: PS2
Year released: 2004

The Story

500 years ago in the past, ancient man fought an immense battle against a malevolent being named Zin. The brave men were barely able to defeat Zin and locked him away in a Great Vault, where he was to remain for all eternity.

In the present day, and eight months after the events in Maximo: Ghosts To Glory, we find Maximo and Grim still searching for Queen Sophia. During their travels, they run across a fair maiden who is under attack by strange clockwork creatures. When Maximo defeats the creatures, Grim discovers a gem imbedded in it's head that houses compressed human souls. From the first game, we know that Grim does not like anyone messing with the dead, especially when it comes to stealing souls. Meanwhile, Maximo ventures to a village only to find it under attack by more of these undead clockwork machinations. He learns that an evil character by the name of Gearmaster is responsible for these attacks. Maximo must now set out on a quest to uncover the clues to what is a very sinister plot involving Zin and his army of clockwork undead.

Maximo Vs. The Army Of Zin will feature the following:

  • The ability to transform into Death (Grim) for a limited number of time.
  • The ability to keep certain power-ups, even after you die.
  • The different boxer shorts will endow you with certain abilities.
  • A more linear based game. There will be no hub levels like in the first.
  • A focus more on action than platforming this time around.
  • Gameplay that is less difficult from the first.
  • A new, secret female character by the name of Tinker can be unlocked and played.
  • Rescuing people will give access to items, power-ups and hidden areas.

    Maximo vs. Army of Zin E3 2003 Preshow Report

    At the 2003 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Capcom will be showing off Maximo vs. Army of Zin, the sequel to its 2002 action adventure game. The game features a darker, more serious look, though retains some of the comical edge of its predecessor. Once again players will reprise the role of Maximo, a courageous and experienced swordsman. As the title of the game suggests, he'll be up against no small shortage of opponents this time around, as Maximo will come face to face with a wide variety of undead enemies seeking to overrun his homeland.

    This time around, Maximo will have over 30 different combat moves, including various attack combos. He'll gain new attacks, weapons, and armor as the game progresses. And he'll gain new boxer shorts, too, ones that actually do something. Watch out for the boxers of burning vigor, for example. What's Maximo doing fighting skeletons in his skivvies? Just like in the previous game, and in the Ghosts N' Goblins games that inspired it, in Maximo vs. Army of Zin, getting hit by an opponent means losing your precious armor. Then you'd better be real careful. The game will feature a combat system that rewards you for efficiently dealing with your foes, and Capcom claims the gameplay will be intuitive and accessible, though with plenty of depth.

    The original Maximo was well known for its high level of difficulty, but there's no word as yet how the sequel will compare. What's evident, though, is that Capcom is trying to turn Maximo into a more-serious-looking game than its predecessor, which came off more like a platformer than like a gritty action adventure game. We'll have more on Maximo vs. Army of Zin soon.

    By Greg Kasavin, GameSpot [POSTED: 05/12/03 10:05 AM]


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