Developer: Capcom
System: WonderSwan
Year released: 1999

An all new G'NG was released for Bandai's WonderSwan portable console in 1999. Very few people outside of Japan have played it, due to the WonderSwan being Japanese-only. However, now you can play this, one of the lost titles in the series! Just head over to the Emulation section to download the ROM for the game (kindly donated by Kenn Lucas), get yourself a WonderSwan emulator, and you'll be ready to go! For more info on the WonderSwan, be sure to stop by Dan Riley's excellent page Swan Song.

As far as the game itself goes, for the brief time I was able to play it, I found it to be extremely well done and better than the only other portable G'NG I've played so far, Ghosts 'N Goblins for GameBoy Color (as of this writing, I have not yet played Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts for the GBA or Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins for the PSP). It's not a port of any previous G'NG game, but rather it's an all new game that uses elements from the earlier games, plus it adds a lot of exclusive stuff that was never in any previous G'NG game. The bosses are completely new, for example. It would be nice to see Capcom redo this as a console game, perhaps in some kind of G'NG deluxe pack. Be sure to check out the review below for some more info on the game.

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From Kenn Lucas:

These are all of the bosses of the stages and their profile pictures, from the beastiary:

The Boss of Stage 1: Franken Zombie vomits at you and tries to jump on you.

The Boss of Stage 2: Ghost Tower, which is actually a castle you fight. It chases you down a road firing cannons at you and spitting rocks.

The Boss of Stage 3A: Dragon, or rather Dragons. You have to kill three in a row and they spit some hard to dodge goo at you.

The Boss of Stage 3B: Efreet, you have to fight him while you're on a rope. All he really does is charge at you and shoot flames.

The Boss of Stage 4: Nightmare, this thing is tough. I's encased in a ring of fire that it shoots at you. After it passes you it comes back, and then Nightmare pounces on you. Sheer evil.

The Boss of Stage 5: Rangda, basically a giant magician. He teleports around, turns you into a baby, and tries to shoot you with some offensive spell.

The Boss of Stage 6: Tiamat, begins as a giant sword wielding woman. That swings pretty hard and shoots beams out of her sword. After you defeat that form she becomes a three headed dragon that shoots fireballs.

Final Boss: Demon Emporer Azazel, can't remember much about fighting him right now aside from that you have to destroy segments of his body one at a time.

Additional Media:

Front cover
Back cover
Instruction manual cover
Everything that comes with the game